Dallas Pool Resurfacing and Remodeling, Rockwall and surrounding areas

Don't rip up your old pool - Restore It & Save!

A pool is undeniably the centerpiece of your backyard. The eye is just drawn to it, really unlike any other part of the property.  Your pool is the first thing anyone sees when they visit.

What will they see when they look at yours?

If your pool is breath taking:

  • Friends, relatives, and neighbors will heap praise, saying things like, “what a great backyard” or “wish it was warmer, then we could swim” and on and on.
  • When you sell your house, the pool will impress buyers. They will be drawn to your house (we see this all the time.)
  • You will have confidence and pride showing off your backyard.

If your pool is falling apart:

  • Friends, relatives, and neighbors will be inexplicably tight lipped when they lay eyes on your backyard.
  • Buyer’s will either chip away at the asking price for your home because of the pool, or worse they’ll just pull away from submitting an offer due to the SHAPE of the pool.
  • Ultimately, you won’t have the confidence and power that you could when it comes to your backyard. We want that for you. We really do.

If you want to restore the luster of your property, consider remodeling your pool.  We are here for you

CHS is an expert in making your dreams come true.  Our end to end process starts with listening to what you envision for your outdoor oasis and your wish list.  We will work to understand your exact wants, then make it a reality.  Rest assure, CHS will monitor all details and make sure your dream comes to reality.

A couple of last thoughts when considering why to select CHS over another contractor.

  • Do they offer attractive financing? We DO
  • Do they warranty what they offer? We DO
  • Does the other contractor have a 30+ year record of longevity? We DO
  • Do they have experience in the project I want done? We DO
  • While price is important, are they delivering value? We DO

We’ve purposefully created our offerings with these points in mind.