Are you in the market for lawn maintenance program?  Here’s what you should know

The #1 complaint we get from homeowners shopping for lawn maintenance, other than my lawn company stopped showing up or they stopped answering their phone, is “I pay my crew to clean the flower beds and shrubs, and I constantly have to call and chase them to get it done.” 

Other common customer concerns shared with us include:

  • My neighbor’s lawn ALWAYS get complimentedon their perfect lawn, and I WANT THAT!
  • Wow, I learned Roundup weed killer is associated with causing cancer; is my lawn company is using this product or something similarbecause my children and pets play and roll around on the lawn?
  • Can chemicals on my lawn such as Roundup leach into and contaminate my pool water?
  • Just reviewed my summer water bills and did a double take; how can I reduce it without killing my grass?
  • Just had friends over for a BBQ and had a good time but it would have been great except for the uninvited mosquitos!

We hand tailor our programs to be hassle-free and guarantee your satisfaction. 

We recognize CHS core mission is to simplify your life, and our goal is to make sure you never HAVE to pick up the phone.

Here is how we fulfill our mission.  CHS programs are NOT bare bones ones that focus only on mow, blow & go.  Our lawn crews: are staffed with full time employees that follow our 21-step process, utilize top of line commercial equipment for the crisper cuts, and send you before and after pictures for quality control

We Only Apply Organic Treatments

Like you, we love our families and friends which is why CHS only uses organic based treatments for your lawn.  We chose organic because we HATE the idea of your kids playing or even swimming in roundup runoff or other similar poisons, we HATE the idea of our people handling this garbage, and the affects these chemicals have on your lawn

Skeptical about organics working on your lawn?  People have been trained to think chemicals are NEEDED to maintain a great lawn or even get rid of mosquitos. Let me ask you this: How do you think the iconic lush green lawns of Scotland were maintained in the 1800’s before all the synthetic chemicals came around? It’s all BUNK!

One last thing, the synthetics KILL the microbiome under the soil. The microbiome does 2 things: Prevents erosion and retains water. This is why synthetic lawns use 25% to 50+% more water than organic lawns. NOT IDEAL.

So, not only will you save on your water bill, imagine all the toxins you’re keeping away from YOUR environment.

If you’re wondering about our credentials, we are a certified Organic Contractor by the Texas Organic Research Center, so we know what we are doing.

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Below is a description of services included in each of our Bronze, Diamond, and Platinum Programs.  All Programs have one simple monthly payment for the services provided with no surprises.  And by the way, does your lawn company clean your Gutters?  We DO!


Program Program Services January February March April May June July August September October November December
Bronze Weekly mow, trim, edge & blow *     x x x x x X x x x  
Fall & Spring Cleanup   x                   x
Gutter Clean x                      
Diamond (Includes Bronze Services) Organic Spray Application x x x x x x x X x x x x
Preemergent #1   x             x      
Preemergent #2         x          
Growth Serum on Rough Patches                     x  
Platinum (Includes Diamond Services) Mosquito Repellant Treatment       x x x x X x x    
Weed & Fire Ant Treatment     x x x x x X x x x  


We will make every effort to mow weekly, but sometimes mother nature just doesn’t make       that possible

Actual application time may vary by +/- 2 weeks

  • Application for new organic lawns or rough patches

In addition to the Programs outlined above we offer services such as:

  • Shrub trimming
  • Tree trimming
  • Sprinkler head repairs

Ready for a Change?  What are you waiting for, contact us and let’s find the Program that best meets your needs and will set you on the path to Live Life Better!

Landscaping Services

Do you have a dream for your yard?  Or maybe you can’t quite visualize it.  Either way, CHS will make your dreams come true.  Let our design specialist help you create the yard of your dreams.  Whether it’s as simple as updating a flower bed, replacing sod or you want a completely new dreamscape for your yard, all you have to do is ask and we will be there for you.