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Leak Detection and Repair

Pool Leak Detection in Rockwall, TX

Identifying & Repairing Leaks in Dallas

Home amenities like a swimming pool make the summer heat more bearable for your family and your landscape. When you have a leak in the pool , you can count on the specialists at Community Home Services for accurate leak detection in Rockwall and the entire Dallas area. Our service vans are fully equipped with everything needed to identify the source of your leak.

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Identifying & Fixing Pool Leaks

A pool is an enormous relief on a hot day. While swimming pools last for years, leaks can happen, especially in older pools. Because the leak is not easily visible, your pool could be leaking for a while before you realize there is a problem. Knowing the signs of a possible leak can help you get the problem under control before the leak gets bigger.

Some common signs of a pool leak include:

  • Higher than normal water bills
  • A sudden drop in chemical levels
  • Standing water around the pool
  • Tiles that are cracked or falling off
  • Algae growth
  • Dirt inside the pool
  • A falling water level where you are losing more than 2 inches per week likely means you have a leak

Although the above signs can indicate a pool leak, you will need a professional inspection to verify the leak and determine the best way to proceed. We offer expert pool leak detection in Rockwall. Since 1977, our locally owned and operated company has provided a full range of services, including pool leak detection and repair.

How to Patch a Big Hole In a Pool?

It's possible to patch up small holes yourself in a pool with an emulsion product. These types of products layer on top of each other to block a hole and prevent water leaking out. Remember though, most of these products will only work for holes up to 1/8" wide. These products are also not a guarantee fix. You can still experience pool leaks after using them. When in doubt and to avoid bigger problems in the future, reach out to our pool leak detection experts in Dallas, TX.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Services

Don't get caught up searching "Swimming. Pool Leak Detection Services Near Me". Community Home Services is your go-to choice for detecting leaks in swimming pools.

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Any leak should be taken seriously. We offer dependable service for pool leak detection. Our technicians are often able to respond quickly to your call often for pool leak detection and repair. We keep our service vans well-stocked with tools and parts to complete many repairs in the same visit to your home.

From the time our company was first established, we have remained focused on providing superior service and a one-stop-shop for all your pool repair needs. Our company has continued to grow by earning the trust of local homeowners and consistently providing Better Care for Better Living.


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