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10 Reasons To Hire Someone To Clean Your Pool!

  1. pool technician cleaning a family poolPools can be complicated
    • Who wants to deal with chemistry, plumbing, electrical, electronics, and HVAC? 
    • One analogy I like to use is imagine you want to program some software. It might take you 40 hours to learn the software to get up to speed, but yet it might only take 1 hour to do that actual programming, so WHY MESS WITH IT?
    • Wouldn’t you prefer to spend time with your kids, watch a game, work a few more hours, or any 100 ways to use your limited time?
  2. You don’t want to put the effort in, to learn the in’s and out’s of taking care of pool 
    • It takes time, effort, and attention to take care of a pool and who really wants to be good at it, except for us because we’re weird like that  
    • Life is tragically short, in general I wouldn’t recommend doing things you hate to do because you should enjoy the moment so instead hire a professional
  3. Taking care of a pool yourself is a larger time commitment than most people realize 
    • We commit to ~one hour a week to take of your pool and we really know what we’re doing and have best cleaning equipment on the market 
    • The reality is, and this depends on the pool, you can easily spend 6+ hours a month with all the different components to take care of your pool plus chemical and other part costs.  Not to mention trips to the pool store, additional vacuuming the pool out during fall and winter, repairing the Polaris unit, and skimming the surface, etc. 
    • A lot of DIY look around at what their doing and at some point, finally ask themselves, “Why am I doing this anymore?”  If this is you, just succumb and give us a call
  4. It doesn’t make sense to maintain your own pool, if you tend to travel a lot
    • Generally, I recommend laying your eyes on the pool at least 1x per week just to check the water level, make sure equipment is running right.
    • So, if you travel for work that’s difficult and boy who really wants to come home and have to clean the pool?  I sure don’t
  5. What do you do when something breaks? 
    • You can try to fix things yourself and sometimes that works out for some people. 
    • But unless you’re a licensed electrician, I strongly recommend not doing any electrical work yourself. 
    • Repairing pool components requires trade skills, not unlike HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc. but many times, it requires multiple skills and let’s be honest very few of us have those skills
    • There are almost incalculable number of SKU’s (stock order units – or parts that are designed for pool equipment.) that are needed to fully maintain your equipment.  Not to mention, it’s not easy to identify the right part to use on what piece of equipment. 
    • Add to this, if pool water hasn’t been circulating regularly then it will need to be drained and cleaned which requires a lot of chemicals and a BIG WATER BILL
  6. You can’t Afford NOT to outsource your pool cleaning 
    • I personally feel very strongly about this. And this just comes down to a shift in mentality.  As I mentioned before, you should never do any work you hate because it’s too easy now, in this global economy of more than 7 billion people to find someone who loves to do that work
    • I want to add another layer to this maxim. I would recommend only focusing on doing things that you love and are obsessive about.  What I’m trying to convey here is that people who obsess about the cost to have their pool cleaned are being counterproductive. 
    • Here’s a rundown of the math.  If you make 100k a year and work 50 weeks of the year for 40 hours a week. Back of the envelope math means your time is worth $50/ hour
    • Say you spend ~1 hour per week cleaning and another 2 hours per month including going to and from pool supply store, making repairs, etc. Really, the way to look at that is you invested $300 of your labor into pool not including the cost of chemicals which is ~$50 per month    
    • Wouldn’t you rather spend ~$150 per month with a pool service and save ~$200 per month?  
    • So Yes, we clean pools and on the surface it’s not glamorous, but the truth is… what we do is important. Because what we do is provide you the freedom to live a healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilled life 
  7. Another reason is that the person who was taking care of the pool, be it a son, spouse, brother, friend, whoever, might have an immediate change in circumstances and can no longer take care of the pool, leaving you holding the bag. 
    • I always laugh when people tell me my son or husband will take care of the pool because either the son or husband never agreed to do it or they just aren’t up to the task.  Regardless, I usually get a call back in a few weeks
  8. Circumstances change and you just can’t physically take care of the pool anymore
    • This is particularly true of anyone who has just had a medical event or anyone who struggles with the physical work that taking care of a pool entails 
    • Cleaning a pool is physical work and is not for the faint of heart.  It gets particularly bad in the fall and winter when seasons change, the leaves drop, and the weather presents risks to you
    • One trip to the hospital because of a fall or straining your back or anything like that can really be a major setback and out of pocket costs could easily exceed the annual cost to have us clean your pool
  9. You work all day and want someone to check on your dog(s) 1x a week while you’re at work 
    • I’m lucky enough where I can take my pup into work with me, but I know I would much prefer a friendly face coming by every week to give my dog a little love and attention while I’m at work 
    • Our techs carry dog bones with them just so that your dog feels comfortable with your technician.  Not that long ago one of our techs scared away a skunk from spraying our client’s dog.  Personally, I really couldn’t believe he did it, but we’ve got the video to prove it
  10. You don’t want to have these chemicals sitting around the house 
    • DO NOT keep chlorine or muriatic acid in your garage. They are combustible
    • I heard so many stories of people having things rust out and cause big problems
    • Most importantly, and God forbid this were to ever happen, but kids and dangerous chemicals do not mix well together